The European Fisheries Technology Platform is progressing in developping an Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda. For sucessfully acomplishment of this goal, your participation is essential. Please take a few minutes to reply the following questions.

Improve the robustness and minimize the uncertainty in the scientific assessment on stocks
Improve the exploitation patterns of fisheries
Make fishing more profitable and ecology friendly
Make progress in the application of the ecosystem approach to fisheries management
Create a collaborative link between the European fishing industry and society and project a positive image of the sector

Data acquisition and control systems on energy consume
Alternative energy sources
Propulsion train optimization
Efficient steering and navigation
Optimization of on board energy use
Configuration in vessels and modifications
Fishing vessel energy consumption at the Port

Evaluate consequences and suitability of technical parameters to be used in regulation of fishing fleet
Hydrodynamics and stability for fishing vessels
Deck arrangement and fishing gear handling. Design/suitability of technologies for improvement of onboard processes
Decision support systems/report systems
Health, environment and safety for fishermen. Improvement of working conditions, ergonomics, living conditions on board
Navigation and communication equipment

Catching systems: Close co-operation between Fishing Gears Technology to will ensure that consideration is given to evolving catching technology that optimizes quality and mitigates damage to fish.
Catch handling systems
Adding value: The production of high specification products onboard (e.g. filleted retail packs) provides a real opportunity to optimize financial returns to the vessel. This can be achieved through the adaptation of basic onshore technologies onboard.
Quality & environmental electronic systems onboard
By-product utilization

Selectivity of fishing gear
Catch monitoring systems
Research on gear improvements that have positive effects in fuel consumption
Research on gear improvements that have positive effects in the quality of products
Reduce the environmental impact of gears
Reduce the impact of fishing gear in the maneuvers
The process of fishing gear design and development

New food safety and quality challenges
Supply chain management, supported by new information systems
Building transferable information from catch to consumer
International trade and circulation of seafood products: matching rules of game in third countries, sanitary conditions, trazability, IUU,...