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The European Fisheries Technology Platform (EFTP) celebrated its General Assembly the 24th November. Click here to read the conclusions

The last 15th of March, a delegation of EFTPs’ (European Fisheries Technology Platform) Board of Directors met with the European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Ms. Maria Damanaki. The aim of the meeting was to make the EFTP available for the Commissioner and for DG Mare and to show the progress achieved in this organization.









v  New food safety and quality challenges

Ø  Fishing and handling operations impact on the final product

Ø  Predicting microbial growth

Ø  Emerging safety issues (parasites…)

v  Supply chain management, supported by new information systems

Ø  Information data handling and logistics

Ø  Efficient collaboration and communication in the supply chain

v  Building on transferable information from catch to consumer

Ø  Trustworthy traceability systems

Ø  Validated information parameters

Ø  Authenticity

Ø  Consumer perceptions

Ø  Certified systems


























Scope and objective of this WG


40% of seafood consumed in the UE are imported. It means that many traditional consumer’s products in the UE are replaced by lower-cost fishes coming from other region in the world outside of Europe

Europe will not be able to compete with the low prices offered by developing countries with lower production costs. Our products are differentiated due to the quality which it is only possible to achieve by working closely to the fisheries consumers. We must also bear in mind the competition with other food products, and we should try to gain value in comparison with them.

To be differentiated we offer quality, sustainability, accurate information on nutritional aspects of the products and the adaptation to specific consumer’s demand. But, it requires a common effort of the entire fishery sector. In order to know where to focus those required efforts in the European fisheries sector it is essential to know what the consumer requires and what could be the difference between our competitors and our state holders.

There are still problems to assure product’s traceability. It is necessary to introduce more efficient management systems throughout the chain and automate processes. It is also important to work on prevention of potential risks associated to fish products, which can be perceived as a danger by the final customers. It is necessary to improve the communication between the members of the fishing string and consumer in order to know their necessities. We also have to research on new products that will provide greater value and the differentiation of our products. And finally it is necessary to carry out researching on fishing methods and processing, explore new marketing strategies and new packaging.





























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Working group meeting reports available:


>Fishing Discards. Tackling the problem from a research and innovation perspective



>"Summary report and recommendations obtained from the workshop: fishing vessel technologies. Challenges for a sustainable european fishing fleet"




















































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